Open Research Positions


Research topics are generally available in the following areas:

  1. Development of new sampling techniques for the investigation of protein dynamics upon ligand binding (for computer-aided drug and protein design).
  2. Scoring function design and optimization.
  3. Fast structural prediction methods for protein-peptide interactions.
  4. QM/MM techniques in drug and enzyme design.
  5. Immunoinformatics and protein design.
  6. Application studies in computer-aided drug design, protein engineering,  immunoinformatics, and the dynamics of protein-ligand interactions.

We are seeking highly motivated students at the BSc / MSc / PhD and Postdoc level. For more details about the currently available positions see below.


Bachelor and Master Theses

Master and bachelor projects are available starting from April 2018 in the following areas:

  1. Immunoinformatics: Development and application of immunopeptidomics-based methods to efficiently predict MHC-binding peptides in large data sets (for details, please contact us by email).
  2. Structural Bioinformatics / Computational Biochemistry: Loop modelling and investigation of loop dynamics in the context of protein-ligand binding (for details, please contact us by email).
  3. QM/MM for Computational Drug Design / Biotechnology: Application studies / method evaluation for metalloproteins (for details, please contact us by email).

In general we offer projects for bachelor and master theses for students from bioinformatics, biology, chemistry, physics, and molecular biotechnology. The topics range from application studies, which are performed in collaboration with experimental groups, to method development projects. Please contact us for further available topics.